Dark noir

This is 'Dark noir'. A short film directed by Rafael Grampa and all produced at Red knuckles studio. It's a short film mixing 2D and 3D animation, which I had the pleasure to work on.


Bogdan's free kick

Here's my latest meerkat animation. A little kick, a little run. Was fun.


Despite the busy time at Passion, and thanks to friend and colleague Mario, who's organising life drawing session after work! Only 2 drawings this time...
Here's what happens when I stop drawing for so long... More next time!

Waiting for Bob...

I know, I should post more often, and I have to finalize Bob (the 3D one).
I'll finish him before leaving on holidays mid-september, no more excuses.
Yep, I will do it. Meanwhile, I'm posting my last life drawings. 3, 5 and 10 mins, black pencils.

Hampi sketches

I just spent a few days in Hampi, Karnataka for my february vacations. To see the pictures, click HERE.


This post is a bit special, as it's not my work, but my student's work. And in a way it's my work... as a teacher :)
If you want to see all the images, click HERE or on the title.

My animation reel


Ganesh is a god for many things, including culture... I thought I'd made my own "Ganesh design", holding a kindle (electronic book).
As soon as I find a 3D printer for a reasonable price, I'll make a 3D print.
There are many Gods in India, and I only know a few... But my favorite for now is definatelly Ganesh.
Why? Well, He's got an elephant face, a fat belly and 4 hands. How cool is that?